About me


I served in the British Army most of my adult life. That is to say I still class myself as an adult although you would not think so at times. I have worked in the Close Protection Industry for a number of clients. I spent some time with the National Health Service in an Information Technology Role. I still work in this Industry but in the private sector.


I have written a number of books in a number of genres. One was a trilogy loosely based on my time in the military. When this was completed in 2016 I thought I would turn my hand to writing erotica. I have always been a very adventurous type of person, both in and out of the bedroom. Or in fact any place where I get the urge, or see an opportunity to have glorious no holds barred sex!! My later book all have elements of BDSM in them in some shape or form. I was new to the lifestyle a few years ago but was always intrigued by the dynamic.

It was in January of 2018 I decided to enter into a Dom/s relationship by mutual consent. This I think has helped me write more from experience than imagination, or other people’s experiences. It is invaluable to a writer, but that is not the reason I entered into it.

During my transition into erotica I read a few Dark Erotic Romance authors and it was this sub-genre that I thought would suit my style best. I write mostly in first person as I believe this conveys the emotions of a character more. I am fascinated by the human mind and how people interact with one another. This type of behaviour is what drives a lot of my ideas and storylines. I try and base most of what I write from experience so I can make it more real for the reader. Of course that is not always possible. I might be a sexual dynamo, but there are limits to even what I will do. I do draw the line at times lol!!!

Below is a list of books I have published to date.

Honour Bound – A compilation of my first 3 novellas in erotica.  http://hyperurl.co/xfld0n

Male Escort – A 3 book series in one complete story or you can buy them separately http://hyperurl.co/ibm0ss

Alters – A dark psychological erotic novel and my first standalone novel  http://hyperurl.co/nf2qey

Salvation – Two lost souls in search of love, connected by chance and circumstance. http://hyperurl.co/uaokih

Hemispheres – A dark modern day but futuristic love story. http://hyperurl.co/l390zw

Coma – A dark erotic novel with a twist. http://hyperurl.co/1owg2b

Darkness Revealed – Is my latest dark, psychological novel which will test your boundaries. http://hyperurl.co/72uraw


Personal Qualities

I am a dominant man and always have been. I am also a kind and caring person. I am fiercely loyal to those I trust, but it takes time for me to warm to someone. I don’t suffer fools gladly and have a vicious streak when angered. People who are close to me and have served in good and bad times say there are two sides to me. I didn’t want to admit it, but I know now it is true. Saying that I love a good joke and I am extremely sociable in the right company. I have a wicked, twisted, dark sense of humour and can at times be a little childish.

Hobbies and pastimes.

I enjoy the great outdoors and am a keen cyclist. I competed in Triathlon competitively until about two years ago. Now I just cycle and swim for pleasure. I love to read, but do not do as much as I used to since starting to write. I love to socialise with friends and meet up with my former mates from my old Regiment at least once a month. It is good to pull up a sandbag every now and again, have a beer or ten and tell stories about things gone by.

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