About me

I am a former British soldier and now turned under fucked IT slave. I began writing around mid-2014. This was a semi-autobiographical military Trilogy, under a different name.

I came across an Erotic writer on Twitter and she persuaded me to co-write a novella with her. This was my first foray into this genre and was titled “Explosive Chemistry”

I enjoyed the experience so much I decided to continue on my own. I have released another couple of books after that, mostly with a military connection and from my own personal experiences. The first titled “Undercover Liaisons”, the other “The Principals Daughter”

I have recently just finished a trilogy of books based on the life and experiences of a male escort. They follow a young Irishman, the innocence of his first chance meeting with an older lady. She opens his eyes into the world of BDSM. After gaining a taste for it, he tries to discover more about the lifestyle while travelling abroad. The final book focuses on him acting as a male escort in a professional capacity. The main character experiences both sides of the BDSM lifestyle as a Dom and a submissive. It was a challenge as I write as both male and female POV in the first person.

“Alters” is a dark, psychological tale more of which I will explain a little later. This story is a psychological dark romantic piece and was a very enjoyable if not challenging experience.

My latest release “Salvation” is a story about love through adversity, and how a chance meeting can end in happiness. I didn’t really believe in the concept, but people seem to like it lol!!


Myself as a person.

I am a fun loving guy, and a bit of a joker. My philosophy is never take yourself too seriously, and live life to the full. I am a naturally shy person, not one that likes the spotlight. This may have something to do with my time in the military.  This is not the impression I give out most people say, but it is none the less true. It has been remarked that I am like an Energizer Bunny of cum shots. I thought that was rather sweet, but feckin hilarious!!!

When I have free time, I love to be surrounded by family, friends, great food, or engrossed in a good book. My erotic imagination comes from experiences and thoughts I have while either working or playing.  I love the great outdoors and am a keen sportsman having competed in Triathlon for a number of years.