Oliver Tobias is a young man with a troubled past. An under achieving Public Relations executive, all he wants to do is succeed and to fit in. Living his life by obsessions and compulsions the only way to deal with the world today.

Brianna Smart is his Personal Assistant and rock, guiding him through his day to day life. Possessing that empathetic and maternal instinct most women exude. Yet there is something else that she longs for. Finding a man with the strength to make her feel safe, secure and even loved. It may seem like an impossible dream and has almost given up on the idea.

Enter the charismatic, handsome and successful Ashton Granger. A powerful character with a hint of danger about him. The fact that he is one of the country’s top businessmen an added bonus.  A chance meeting with a friend in a night club, ignites a passion and lust in her never before felt.

Three lives entwine, as each of them strive to reach their individual goals. Can Oliver turn things around, becoming accepted and successful in equal measure? Has Brianna found what she is looking for in Ashton, is he the one she has been searching for?

The story will take you through a psychological, dark journey exploring those facets in life we at times wish were kept hidden. Once you open Pandora’s Box is it possible to contain all the evils of the world. As in this ancient artefact only ‘Hope’ will remain.



Her skin is covered with goose bumps, yet the room is warm. I chuckle to myself when I realize it is fear that has gripped her, causing her skin to react this way. Slicing through the centre of her bra, her massive orbs part, jiggling for a moment before coming to rest. Leaning forward I suck on those mommy breasts. First one nipple, then the other, feeling them stiffen under my ministrations. A sigh escapes her lips, her arousal becoming even more pronounced.

“Soon my love, but first I think we need a little music to accompany our little dance.” Her head moves in the direction of my voice, confusion setting in.



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