Darkness Revealed



Darkness Revealed Extract


The sweet smell of fornication hangs heavy in the room as Natalie approaches me on all fours. Her tongue flickers around her lips, eyes fixed to my tallywacker gripped tight in my hand. The sight of her being taken so roughly by the strangers, still vivid in my memory as I run my fingers up and down my shaft. We have participated in such gatherings before, but tonight the scene was even more erotic than them. I think perhaps it was the fact that I was an unseen interloper watching from afar. My young, sweet wife riding those gigantic, stiff cocks so willingly. Her remonstrations that they should not impregnate her such a beautiful sentiment. She had enjoyed every second of it, but it is my turn now.

She kneels in front of me, eyes looking deep into mine for some form of forgiveness. I reach forward and take her jaw in my hand, lifting her head. The eyes are the gateway to a person’s soul and when I look into hers, I see only love and adoration. Jealousy is that unpleasant emotion you feel when you think someone’s trying to take what’s yours. To the unenlightened this feeling can be destructive. What do I have to feel jealous about? That a group of men have sodomised and defiled my wife, my property? No, of course not. I feel the opposite. The enjoyment in their faces and that of my wife as they cavorted in front of me brought feelings of satisfaction. I would almost say I feel fulfilled, but that would be a lie. Now it is my turn to feel those cherry-red lips around my throbbing cock.

I take my now stiffened rod and strike her across her left cheek. Her head moves slightly to the side then returns to the centre. I deliver another blow from my tallywacker to her right cheek, the glistening pre-cum from my arousal staining the surface. She licks her lips once more as her head to turns to face me. I paint her lips with that sticky secretion and she parts them slightly.

“Not yet, my sweet. You will beg for my thunder stick.” I grab a handful of her hair and pull her head back viciously.

“I need to taste your love staff, my darling. Drink every drop of nature’s nectar that you can summon.” She stares up at me, her eyes imploring.

“Then, my little cum whore, your wish is my command.” I take hold of both sides of her head and force my cock between those luscious lips. Centimetre by centimetre it passes over her tongue to the back of her throat.

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