Explosive Chemistry


He pulled back to look down at her, “I know we have a job to do here,” he said, trying to justify his actions. “But I think you are so hot,” he said shifting closer, his now enlarged cock pressing into her.

Emma squirmed in his arms with delight and was pleased to hear that he had the same feelings for her as she did for him. The all too familiar throb of her clit sending butterfly’s through her whole body signaled to her that she would need release, and soon!

“The job can wait for a while I think,” she replied.

Unbuttoning his shirt slowly she began to kiss his chest, pulling the shirt to one side so that she could lick one of his nipples. The moan of pleasure that came from his lips confirmed that she had hit the spot, and she moved to the other side to give its opposite the same attention producing the same effect. His hardness had become so pronounced that she felt like an iron bar was forcing itself against her, yet, though they had only just met, she had a craving and desire for this man like no other before. She unbuttoned the rest of his shirt and attempted to tear open his belt, before he stopped her with softly spoken words.

“Not yet,” he whispered. “I want to undress you first.”

Seeing her nod of approval he began to unbutton her blouse, noticing that with each button he released her breasts moved visibly. The pink lace of the bra was enticing him to touch, but he didn’t want to, not just yet, he thought, he wanted to see her first. He gently placed a kiss on the top of each one of her breasts before he finished removing the blouse and threw it aside, leaving her breasts standing out prominent before him like two soldiers on parade, proud and upright. She is perfect, Zak thought, only confirming his early suspicions after his first examination in Carmichael’s office. He slid his hand behind her back and, with practiced fingers, unclasped her bra.

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