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**Hemispheres Extract**

She positions herself between my legs and kneels down as requested. Anna rests her hands on top of her thighs, but her head is not raised to face me. I adjust myself in the chair, shuffling forward slightly. I reach out and grasp Anna by the chin, lifting her head. The tautness of her nipples immediately distracts me.

“I have another special treat for you, my dear.” It is difficult to hide the sardonic grin threatening to emerge.

Not only two pleasure zones covered, I open the last box. The anodized black and 9-carat gold nipple clamps complete with chain, rest in their velvet lined compartment. As a surgeon wielding a scalpel, I remove them reverently out of the box. Anna’s eyes widen as she prepares for the sensation they will provide.

“Cup your breast for me, and lift them up.” My words are soft now, the beating of my heart has quickened.

She does as she is told; placing a hand under each of her tits, she offers them up to me. I let go of one of the clamps and it swings from the chain like a pendulum. Anna’s nipples look so inviting and I pinch one between my finger and thumb, rolling them tightly, she squirms under my touch. They are full, plump and swollen. She doesn’t even flinch under my rough treatment of the cherry red buds. The only sign of discomfort is that she shuffles a little bit on her knees.

I let go of the nipple, and take one of the clamps opening it as wide as I can. I hold her breast and attach the first to her left nipple, repeating the process with the right. The gold chain falls between her globes glinting against her ivory skin. I adjust the tension of each clamp until she contorts her face muscles.

“There is no pleasure without pain.” My arousal has now reached new heights, but I want to delay my urges.

“I love the pain. Thank you.” Her words catch in her throat and she closes her eyes, letting the sensation fill her entire body.

I rise from my chair, leaving Anna kneeling in front of it, and wander over to the bookcase running the length of the far wall. I select a book on English classical poetry, and stride back to my place. Anna has not moved an inch. I take my seat once more, pick up the remote from the table and press the play button for the sound system. The melodic tones of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata fills the room. I open the book and lift it close enough to read, leaving a gap so I can still observe Anna.

“You mustn’t move until I say so. If you want a drink, then let me know.” Anna, nods her assent, and I lean back to read.

First of all I turn the dial on the remote one notch to the right, and smile as Anna shifts slightly. The signal from the remote increasing the intensity of the electrical pulses inside the egg. I lick the end of my finger and turn the page, relaxing as the music flows over me. There is nothing better than Beethoven to diminish unwanted stress. It is also a useful tool to take my mind elsewhere, so that I do not get overly excited too early.

I don’t know how long it is before Anna interrupts my reading.

“Gabriel may I have a drink please?” The sound of her voice distracts me from my reading.

EBook: http://hyperurl.co/l390zw

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