From the moment I walked into the room, my senses had gone into freefall. In all my twenty-four years on god’s green earth, I have never witnessed such a thing. The blood is pumping hard around my cock, so much so it is painful. It rubs against my tight jeans, it’s sticky secretions oozing from the tip. Bianca has gone to all this effort it seems churlish of me to turn it down. I take one of the morsels off her mons with my lips, savouring the fishy taste and heat of the wasabi it contains. My nostrils flare, and I can smell the sweet muskiness of her sex. My mouth drools, as I part her soft silky thighs with both hands. The aroma from her opening is even more powerful and intoxicating. My tongue flickers over her engorged clit, she shudders under its touch.

The silence is broken as she purrs with delight. Fingers find my hair, and wrap themselves around my tight curls. Her labia is tightly closed, its wetness glistening at the thin middle split. I spread them gently with my fingers, inserting one at a time, the hot cave closing in as I explore further. Feeling the heat of her desire, I move around so that my head is between her thighs. Kneeling in front of her on the kitchen floor, I pull her towards me. Face buried in her soft fuzzy mound, my tongue stabbing at the folds of her wet pussy.
She writhes under the lashing my tongue is giving her. Her fingers clamp down on my head, forcing me ever deeper inside. Her moans grow ever louder, her head thrown back over the end of the table. Two fingers work in unison, probing and jabbing, my tongue lapping her wetness. I manage to stimulate her in the right places. God, she was hot and ready to explode!  My index finger is rubbing on her g-spot, as I massage her clit with the full force of my tongue. Her hips are arching now and I feel her ready to release. She bucks under my ministrations, a high pitch scream as she squirts her juice all over my hand, spilling her orgasm over the shiny wooden surface.

I withdraw my fingers from her warm embrace, kissing the inside of her honeyed thighs. My erection is still painful, but for the first time in my life, I realise it not the receiving of pleasure that is important. Over the last 24 hours, I have learned so much about myself all down to this gorgeous creature spread out before me.

She rises from her prone position, the remnants of the Sushi falling to the floor. Her eyes sparkle bright, the beam of her smile warming me inside.

“Did you enjoy your h’ordeuvres?” She pants, her breathing still erratic from her climax.

“I more than enjoyed it, I feckin have never experienced anything so erotic it in my life. Thank you so much!” I exclaim like the young innocent I am.

She swivels her legs over the table and shuffles her ass onto the edge. Standing there, the red silk scarves that had covered her modesty drop to the floor. She approaches me feline like, throwing her arms around my neck. Our heads tilt in opposite directions, the kiss is long, slow and sensual. The ache in my groin and the pounding of my heart palpable. I am lost in the moment, devoid of any other thought except her.



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