** Salvation Extract**

Still with my shaft buried deep inside her, I lean forward. Throwing the belt around her neck, I slip the end through the buckle, pulling it tight so that it constricts her windpipe.

“What the fuck? Yes, how very inventive.” She is almost choking, but still forces out her agreement at the idea.

I wrap the leather strap once around my wrist, leaning back to take the strain. Not too much, for fear that she may black out from the starvation of oxygen to the brain. Just enough to heighten the whole erotic moment. My right hand still gripping tightly on her hip, the other pulling on the belt, I pound into her.

‘Yes, yes, ride me fucking horny bastard. Fuck my arse make me come.” Her cries are ones of pure ecstasy, and it only encourages me to quicken my tempo.

The strain on the belt is becoming more taught as my movements become more frantic. I arch my back as I feel myself coming, the grip of the belt tightening around Jenny’s throat, she splutters. Her gasps for air go unheeded as I empty myself inside her.

“Yes, yes!!” My cries fill the room as my hips convulse, squeezing every last drop of the hot sticky liquid out of my cock.

“No, don’t stop I’m not there yet!” Jenny manages to reply as the belt loosens from her throat as I release my grip. It has absolutely no bearing in that moment, in fact it is what I wanted to hear.

Letting go fully of the belt, it falls loosely against her back. Her head drops forward her cheek against the soft black leather of the belt. She is panting vigorously, still in the throes of sexual anticipation. Her shoulders rise and fall as she inhales and exhales. I return the hand that was holding the belt to her left hip, and pushing myself away watch as my cock slips effortlessly out of her arse. The come dribbling down from her butt, pooling in the lips of her pussy.

Job done, I kneel, picking up my boxers and jogging bottoms. One leg at a time I slip them back on. The t-shirt I am wearing is soaked in my sweat, as if I had run a marathon. The aggression that had built up in me is slowly subsiding, heart rate returning to normal.

“I’m off for a drink, here is a little something to keep you company. If you use your imagination and pussy muscles you may even orgasm.” I pick up the metal balls and insert them snugly in her vagina. Then turning I stride across the room in the direction of the door.

“You bastard, come back!” She screams like a banshee, the poison dripping from her lips. If looks could kill, I would not see another sun rise.

“You’re quite right, I am. However, I think our business is concluded here. It’s been fun while it lasted.” I chuckle out loud, only fuelling Jenny’s anger.

“You, vindictive fucker!” The tirade of abuse directed towards me slowly diminishes, getting softer as I move into the living room and pour myself a stiff drink.


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