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Their body contact was causing feelings of arousal in Zak, and from the stiffening of Delores’s nipples trying to burst through her t-shirt it was apparent she was having the same stirrings. For the next ten minutes they grappled on the mats until Zak placed her in a strangle hold from behind. His cock was now fully aroused and was forcing itself against her sweet arse cheeks. She forced herself back against him delighting in his hardness and how she wanted him inside her, so she decided to take charge. With a stamp of her foot she brought it down on his causing him to release his grip. This was enough time for her to slip behind and place a stranglehold on him. Startled by her strength he struggled to free himself, but could do nothing about it. She turned him and threw him up against the wall, the pain of it causing him to exhale sharply.

“I want to fuck the arse off you do you know that” she demanded, the words coming out in a staccato fashion.

“I thought you would never ask, you horny bitch!” was Zak’s simple reply.

She leaned forward their lips meeting, Zak parting hers with his tongue, and in a mutual dance they encircled one another. She pulled his body closer to hers, feeling his erection force itself against her thighs. He sucked on her lower lip, his fingers running through her hair. Parting their lips for just a moment Delores tore off his t-shirt, before clamping her lips around his once more, her left hand undoing his belt and jeans. She slipped a hand inside and took hold of his dick which throbbed in her hand. The sticky pre-cum staining her fingers sent a shiver through her body. She wanted so badly to taste him, have his engorged manhood filing her soft sensual mouth.

Breaking their kiss she began to slide down his body kissing every part as she went. She heard him murmur as her touch traced its way further down. With her head facing his groin, and bending on her knees, she slowly, and provocatively, teased down his jeans and boxers. His cock sprang out to meet her gaze, and she gasped in pleasure, licking her lips at the same time. Its musky odour filling her nostrils, and she tentatively lavished her tongue around its circumference causing Zaks thighs to clench under her expert touch. Delores opened her mouth to receive his enflamed piston, and with her two hands caressed him and absorbed him. His back arched under her attentions, and his hips moved in time to her forward and rearward actions. Delores was dripping by this point and knew that she needed him to give some attention to her pussy, which was aching to feel his touch.

As if he had read her mind Zak pulled his cock from her mouth.

“It’s not fair you doing all the work” he said pulling her up from the kneeling position she had adopted.

Delores gratefully conceded to his wishes, and began to tear off her clothing, throwing it one side in an untidy mess. Zak forced her down onto the mat, lifting her legs so that her feet were flat on the floor. Her legs were parted giving him a perfect sight of her delicate lips, her clit standing proud eager to receive his touch. He slowly rubbed her bud with the ball of his thumb, causing Delores to writhe in ecstasy.

He drove his tongue inside her, setting off another shattering moan that was music to his ears. It was almost like playing a symphony on an exquisite instrument, and if he had been a musician he would be a maestro, he thought to himself. She gave out raw, intense, absolutely delicious noises of pleasure as he plundered her with his tongue. She grabbed his hair, yanked and pulled him closer, forcing his tongue ever deeper inside. He slid his finger inside her, crooking it until he found her sweet spot, enjoying her bucking violently under his expert touch.

“I want you to fuck me right now!” she screamed, not caring if she was overheard.

Removing his finger from her, Zak raised himself on his elbows and smiled at her. He moved forward so his head was opposite her perfectly form globes, and taking a nipple in his mouth squeezed it gently and making Delores sigh with pleasure. Moving across her body he did the same to its opposite number, and was greeted by a similar purr. Not wanting to tease her too much, he took hold of his cock and playfully rubbed it the length of her opening. He felt her hand grasp it and try to force him inside her. He let her have her fun, but just as the tip was inserted he withdrew it, looking at the look of anguish on her face.

“Just fuck me you rotten bastard” she exclaimed her eyes now wide open giving him a look that would kill.

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